80+ years of experience in statue casting, statue painting, and statue repair

Before we were St. Paul Fabricating and Decorating, we were the St. Paul Statuary. At that time, our business centered around statue casting, repair, painting, and carving. Though our scope of work has expanded throughout the years, we still have all the skills and expertise required to work with statues thanks to our roots in statue casting.

Our skilled craftsmen have the years of experience required in statue casting and statue repair. We have the capability to work with nearly any statue material, including plaster, fiberglass, metal, and concrete.

We also have the specialized expertise it takes to paint statues. Statue painting is truly a work of art, especially when it comes to correctly shading garments and skin and hair colors. Gold leafing is another area that requires special skill and attention to detail. Our artisans take pride in their ability to beautifully and precisely paint and gold leaf statues.